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Radiant as the Sun

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Kelli Elizabeth
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Name: Kelli
Home: Texas
Currently: Proud to be a Red Raider at Texas Tech University!
Loves: Star Trek, astronomy, learning, science, sleeping/my bed, reading, the internet, my cats
TV: Bones, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, Gossip Girl, Star Trek (TOS and TNG), CSI:NY, House
Movies: Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia
Books: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia
My Ships/OTPs: Kirk/Spock, Booth/Brennan, Sheldon/His own ego, Will/Emma, Chuck/Blair, Picard/Beverly Crusher, Riker/Deanna Troi, Danny/Lindsay, House/Wilson, House/Cuddy, Chase/Cameron, Han/Leia, Anakin/Padme, Pevensies/OCs, Cor/Aravis, Aragorn/Arwen, Aragorn/Legolas, Draco/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione
RPS ships and other misc. ships I'll read: Pinto (Zachary Quinto/Chris Pine), Kirk/McCoy, Chekov/Sulu
I'm a senior at Texas Tech University Health Science Center, in my last semester! I'll graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science in May.
I talk about random things on here, from school to various goings on, to memes and writer's block prompts. Anything goes.

**Formerly known as kmaikell87
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My Twitter- it's protected, so just ask to follow me!

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